ASC A-ET17 DC Shunt Generator Trainer is a definitive system for the Electrical Machines Laboratories that provides. Characteristics of DC Shunt Generator under no load and different loading conditions.
A-ET17 provides complete learning contents to demonstrate various experiments like working operation of DC
Shunt Generator, analyzing Speed-Current, Current- Voltage and Voltage-Speed characteristics etc. There is a digital panel metes to obtain precise results. Diagrammatic representations are provided on the control setup so that users can make connections by their own.
A-ET17 also includes terminals for three point starter and rheostats so to make these connections externally to the control setup. All the protective schemes are being implemented to avoid fault or danger and hence product will assist user to enhance their practical knowledge with safety.


Electrical Loading Arrangement
Flexible Shaft Coupling Arrangement
Provided with Digital Tachometer
Machine with Class ‘B’ Insulation
Good quality digital panel meters
Heavy Duty Base/Channel
Designed by considering all the safety measures
Diagrammatic representation for the ease of connections


Study and verify No Load Characteristics of DC Shunt Generator.
Study of verify Load Characteristics of DC Shunt Generator.
Study and verify Speed control of DC Shunt Motor by Armature Control method Generator.
Study and verify Speed control of DC Shunt Motor by Field control Method .
Study of Self and separately excited DC Shunt Motor


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