ASC A-ET21 Three Phase Transformer Trainer is an adaptable training system for the Electrical laboratories. The
product helps understand basic concepts and functioning of a Three Phase Transformer. The product is represented in an easy way so that each test can be studied differently in proper sequence. Three Phase configurations such as Star-Star, Star-Delta, Delta-Star and Delta-Delta, Measurement of different losses and consequently determine efficiency and voltage regulation at any predetermined load etc.



Provided Three Phase Multifunction meter for primary ad secondary measurement
Stand alone operation
Flexibility to use in star and delta configuration
Equipped with Supply Indication Lamps
Facility to display entire parameter
Designed by Considering All the Safety Standards
Diagrammatic Representation for the Ease of Connections


Study the Three Phase Transformer Connection (Star & Delta)
Open Circuit Test in a Three Phase Transformer
Short Circuit Test in a Three Phase Transformer
Load Test and correspondingly determine the Efficiency and Voltage Regulation in a Three Phase


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