ASC A-ET22 Three Phase Induction Motor- Shunt Generator Lab is a significant training system for Electrical
Machine Laboratories to demonstrate the operational working and characteristic of DC Shunt Generator under
different loading conditions. In this training system various experiments to be conducted such as operational
working behavior of DC Shunt Generator, Open Circuit Characteristic and Load Characteristic etc.



Heavy duty machines
Facility to connect external load
Safety terminals provided on the top of the motor
Provided with Digital Tachometer for RPM measurement
Good quality digital panel meters
Heavy duty machines base
Considering all the safety standards
Specially designed patch cords for safety purpose
Circuit representation for the ease of connections
Flexible Shaft Coupling Arrangement
Facility for electrical loading arrangement


Study the starting of Three Phase Induction Motor by using of Three Phase Variac
Study and perform running and reversing of Three Phase Induction Motor.
Study and perform the No Load Characteristics of DC Shunt Motor
Study and perform the Load Characteristics of DC Shunt Motor


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